My designs are faceless so that everyone can see themselves in them. They are proud and regal. The pieces are bright, the colors are strong, and when the light shines through them, they come alive. Each one is one-of-a-kind, because of the variations in glass and in the human touch, but most importantly, they are from my heart and soul.

I’m gonna let it shine, let it shine, let it shine, let it shine…

What we do



Your Guide To Nashville Feature

Check out our article featured on the Your Guide To Nashville Website. 

Christmas Open House

Looking for a unique experience and one-of-a-kind gifts? Bring your family and friends to our weekend long Celebration of the Season. A free gift for everyone who visits, plus, receive a discount on purchases from our beautiful retail gallery. It's not too late to...

OZ Nashville

This Little Light Glass Art and Gallery presented their work at OZ Nashville during Stephanie Pruitt’s collaborative show em·bod·i·ment. More information is available on the show at OZ Arts Nashville.

Murrini Workshop

I recently attended a week-long intensive workshop with world-renowned glass master Nathan Sandberg.  I studied the technique that Sandberg has elevated to new scientific and artistic levels within the international glass community.  The resulting glass...

Give a unique gift this year

Find something that symbolizes a special moment in your life, or that perfectly matches your home aesthetic. Handcrafted glass decor with a style all it’s own. This Little Light leaves a big impression!