Betty Turney-Turner


This Little Light Creative Glass Art and Gallery

I’ve always been fascinated by the art of stained glass. I’ll even admit, many times in my youth, paying more attention to the stained glass windows in different churches, than to the message being delivered. Something about the vibrant colors, the glass textures, and the way the light made them come alive, held me captive, and compelled me to reach out and touch them any chance that I got. Finally, after 48 years, I’ve figured out what makes my Light burn brightest. Creating stained glass pieces, a talent I never knew I had, helps to keep that light aglow within me!

I purchased many stained glass works before I started creating my own. I have always been struck by the lack of creations depicting images that represent aspects of the African American experience. I felt like there had to be somebody out there creating this kind of stained glass art. After searching high and low, I stumbled across only one, Angela Smith, a gifted and generous stained glass artist from Maryland, at If there are more, somebody please put me in touch with them. I would love to love their work too.